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All those wishing to join the Society should be aware of its Rules and Regulations which set the guidelines both for good governance and exhibiting.


1 The Society shall be called the “Capel Horticultural Society” and shall be affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society, the National Dahlia Society and the National Vegetable Society.

2 The Society objectives shall be: to encourage horticulture and the domestic arts; to provide opportunity for improvement of knowledge and understanding of these subjects; to maintain of improve the standards of the Society; to remain financially sound and provide for the continuation of the Society.

3 The Society shall organise events and activities aimed at achieving its objectives, including annually a show or shows at which the products of Members interested in horticulture and the domestic arts may be judged by approved standards, with prizes awarded for meritorious exhibits.

4  Membership of the Society shall, by payment of a subscription, be open to all.

5  The Society shall be governed by a President, Vice Presidents and a General Committee, who shall all be Members of the Society. The General Committee shall consist of a Secretary, Show Secretary and Treasurer and others, not limited in number. The President and the Vice Presidents shall be ex-officio members of the General Committee. The Officers of the Society and other members of the General Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and all shall be eligible for re-election.

6 Five members of the General Committee shall form a quorum. The General Committee shall have the power to appoint other Committees, but with authority to act only as defined by the General Committee.

7 The General Committee shall have the power to award Honorary Membership for meritorious service to the Society, and to refuse Membership if necessary.

8 The General Committee shall determine the cost and benefits of Membership subscription from time to time.

9 The General Committee shall make such regulations as it deems necessary in connection with shows, and shall appoint properly qualified persons to judge at shows and at any competition of gardens or allotments.

10 The Annual General Meeting shall be held once every calendar year. The financial year of the Society shall end on the 30th September and an audited financial report shall be given at the Annual General Meeting.

11 Other General Meetings may be summoned at any time by the General Committee, or by not less than twenty Members who shall send a written request to the Secretary to convene such a meeting. Fourteen days notice of such a meeting shall be given to Members.

12 Any amendment to these Rules shall only be made at a General Meeting of Members. These Rules are the only Rules of the Society and supersede all other rules, expressed or implied.

13  All persons entering exhibits in the Shows must be paid up Members of the Society.

14  All entries for the Gardens Competition, the Spring Show and the Summer Show must be received by day and time shown in the show Schedule. All entry forms must include the correct entry fees for the classes being entered, and Membership fees if necessary.

15 Exhibitors must comply with the times set out in this Schedule in respect to setting up and removing their exhibits. The Committee reserves the right to auction any exhibits not removed by the required time.

16 Unless otherwise stated, all exhibits must be the property of the exhibitor, and must have been in their possession for at least two months before being entered for competition. No two persons shall compete in the same Class with produce from the same garden or allotment, unless one is a child and the other an adult. This does not apply to any Class where the plant material need not have been grown by the exhibitor. Only one exhibit shall be entered by one person in each Class.

17 Gardens and allotments must be owned or occupied by the exhibitor(s). Gardens employing professional help i.e. full or part-time gardeners, must declare this when entering.

18  No exhibit once staged shall be altered or moved without permission of the Steward

19  All exhibits, personal property, etc. shall be at the risk of the exhibitor and the Society shall not be liable for loss/damage, no matter how caused.

20 On all questions relating to eligibility the decision of the Committee shall be final. Any prize may be withheld or modified by the judges if the exhibit is considered unworthy of a prize, or if there are fewer than three entries.

21 On the relative merits of the exhibits the decision of the Judges shall be final, but the Committee reserves itself the decision on any other points of dispute. Any protest must be made to the Show Secretary before 3.30 pm on the day of the Show.

22 In adjudicating upon any question or dispute, the Committee shall be guided by the definitions laid down in the current edition of the RHS Horticultural Show Handbook.

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