Allotment Competition

July brings our Allotment Competition. On the morning of Saturday 23rd Dave Goodall has kindly agreed to assist in judging the allotments in Temple Lane and on the Recreation Ground.

Allotments are judged on the following criteria:

· Neatly maintained plot, defined paths

· Healthy range of vegetables and fruit

· Free from perennial weeds

· Evidence of compost bin/recycled material and flowers to encourage wildlife and pollination

Plots need to be clearly identified either by signage or on the official plan given to the judges so that they know whose hard work they are looking at.

There are three classes:

· Newcomers – for allotment holders who have been working their allotment for two years or less.

· Partial allotment – half or less of a whole plot

· Full size allotment

Good luck to all participants