Pumpkin Pageant Pays Off!

What a great success this turned out to be. The Horticultural Society issued an invitation to join them on the afternoon of Friday 29 October but had no idea if anyone would actually turn up! At 5.30 we opened the doors and children decked out in fabulous fancy dress were waiting outside with their pumpkins, with more arriving all the time. What a relief!

They were greeted by our resident Witch and ushered into a Halloween themed hall filled with games and competitions.

Our Witch had a very hard job judging the fancy dress as there were some brilliant and imaginative outfits. There could, of course, only be one winner and the prize went to Alysha Chilvers looking suitably ethereal as a very ghostly bride.

Outside the hall the beautifully carved pumpkins were then lined up and lit making a fabulous display. They were of such a high standard that we felt it only right to award three prizes:
1. Theo Axtell
2. Ernie Shaw
3. Tess Axtell

The quiz was won by the Axtell family

The Guess the Name of the Bat was won by Theo Axtell as was Guess the Number of Conkers in a Jar.

Joint winners in the Apple in a Bucket competition, Ethan Letts and Corin Batey. Congratulations to you all.

We were delighted that so many families participated and all seemed to have a great time. It looks as though the Pumpkin Pageant will become an annual fixture in the Capel Horticultural Society calendar. Let’s all get growing our own pumpkins in 2022!