Spring Show

Whilst the sun might not have been shining Capel Memorial Hall was full of bright and cheerful exhibits at this year’s Spring Show on Sunday 8th April. Narcissi and other flowering bulbs sat alongside spring flowers, sticks of rhubarb and vegetable exhibits. The children’s entries put a smile on every face and the amazing home baking presented some mouth-watering treats. In this 125thanniversary year for the Society a couple of Mrs Beeton’s recipes were included providing a great talking point and a test of modern culinary skills.

Exhibitors aged from 2 to almost 90 helped keep this well-loved event alive, next stop the Summer Show on Saturday 18 August.

Congratulations to cup winners, Suzanne Burlinson, Chris Coke and the two juniors Alyssa Chilvers and Joey Hopkins.




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Greenwood Cup Most points in

Children’s Classes,

5 years and younger


Alyssa Chilvers

Coke Trophy Most points in

Children’s Classes,

6 to 12 years

Joey Hopkins


Foreman Cup Most points in

Flower and Vegetable


Chris Coke
Wheeler Cup Most points in

Flower Arranging,

Cookery and Photos

Suzanne Burlinson



Hall Prize for Class 7, Best Collection of Narcissi   ………… Julia Forsyth


Hall Prize for Class 19, Best Bowl of Flowering Bulbs     …………  Dot Thorpe


Hall Prize for Class 23, Best Tray of Seedlings     …………   Chris Coke


Attridge Prize for Best Child’s Spring Garden on a Plate

Class 62 (5 years and younger)     ………..   Emilia Herrington

Class 72 (6 to 12 years)     …………  Joey Hopkins









Class Description First Second Third
1 3 Trumpet narcissi Julia Forsyth Sally Griffin Kerry Hall
2 3 Large cupped narcissi Dave Collinson Julia Forsyth Dot Thorpe
3 3 Short cupped narcissi Julia Forsyth Chris Coke David Hall
4 3 Double narcissi Julia Forsyth Kerry Hall
5 3 Multi-headed narcissi Julia Forsyth Dot Thorp John Ashwood
6 3 of any other narcissi Julia Forsyth Kerry Hall Liz Arthur
7 3 Dwarf or Miniature narcissi Alison Clement Chris Coke Kerry Hall
8 9 Narcissi Julia Forsyth David Hall Chris Coke
9 3 Tulips, one variety Chris Coke Jo Collinson Dave Collinson
11 10 Spring flowers Sally Griffin Becky Hopkins Chris Coke
12 6 Primulas Stephanie Jennings Chris Coke
13 4 Pansy blooms Stephanie Jennings
14 1 Camellia bloom Mandy Schryver Stephanie Jennings Alison Clement
15 3 Camellia blooms Stephanie Jennings Tina Baty Alison Clement
16 3 Flowering shrub/tree stems David Hall Dot Thorp
17 1 Flowering plant – 7” max George Ede Dot Thorp
19 1 Foliage Plant Chris Coke Jane Major George Ede
20 Pot of bulbs Dot Thorp
21 1 Cactus – 5” max Daniel Clement Charlotte Clement
22 1 Cactus – 5” plus Chris Coke
23 Pot of Alpine plants Chris Coke
24 Tray of seedlings Chris Coke
26 3 Sticks of rhubarb Chris Coke Dot Thorpe
28 3 Vegetables Dot Thorp Chris Coke
30 Floral exhibit “April Shower” Barbara Grundy
40 Jar of marmalade John Ashwood Rosemary Goddard
41 Jar of chutney Suzanne Burlinson Katie Faerron Jaques
42 Jar of pickled onions Suzanne Burlinson
43 Jar of Honey John Jaques
44 Mrs Beeton’s nice useful cake Jane Major Suzanne Burlinson Charlotte Clement
45 6 Mrs Beeton’s ginger biscuits Suzanne Burlinson Jo Collinson Charlotte Clement
46 Decorated Victoria sandwich – “Spring” Suzanne Burlinson George Ede Charlotte Clement
47 5 Pieces of traybake Jane Major Suzanne Burlinson Rosemary Goddard
48 Loaf of bread Suzanne Burlinson Pedter Ede
49 Loaf of bread, machine made Suzanne Burlinson
50 Loaf of specialist bread Suzanne Burlinson
51 Loaf of specialist bread, machine made Jane Chilvers Norman Ede
52 An item of handicraft Gillian John Richard John Charlotte Clement
60 Decorated egg                 5 years and younger Alyssa Chilvers
61 125th birthday card                              “ Alyssa Chilvers
62 Spring garden on a plate                    “ Emilia Herrington Rosie Herrington Will Hopkins
63 125th celebration hat                          “ Emilia Herrington
64 5 Decorated small cakes                    “ Alyssa Chilvers Emilia Herrington Rosie Herrington
65 Drawing or painting “Springtime”   “ Will Hopkins Alyssa Chilvers
70 5 Bunny biscuits                             6 – 12 years Amelia Chilvers Alexander Chilvers
71 125th pop-up birthday card               “ Joey Hopkins Amelia Chilvers
72 Spring garden on a plate                   “ Joey Hopkins
73 125th celebration hat                         “ Joey Hopkins
74 5 Decorated small cakes                   “ Alexander Chilvers Joey Hopkins Scarlett Bradstock
75 Drawing or painting “Springtime”   “ Amelia Chilvers Joey Hopkins Alexander Chilvers
80 Photo by child under 12 Joey Hopkins Will Hopkins
81 Colour photograph Julia Forsyth
83 Photograph of a winter or spring scene Julia Forsyth
84 Photograph with person as focus Julia Forsyth